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Learning should be fun, and it is here!

  "We don't receive wisdom or knowledge;

we must discover it for ourselves after a journey

that no one can take for us or spare us." 

...Marcel Proust


   Welcome to

    Learning Pathways,

  a kindergarten prep preschool and kindergarten

    (Diane Becker - director & lead teacher)

Open House! February 21-22, noon-2pm

We are now accepting enrollment

applications for Fall of 2015


Due to overwhelming demand, our school has expanded.  

We now have two preschool classrooms in addition to 

an incredible Art Room where children have the opportunity

to create and experiment with many different art mediums.  

We are also very happy to introduce our advanced

kindergarten class and exciting "Natural Playscape" playground.



     We share your interest and enthusiasm every step your child 

makes in developmental foundation skills that will strengthen

his/her readiness for kindergarten and elementary school.

     Children of preschool age demonstrate increased mastery of 

language and the ability to think symbolically and logically.  

     They are also becoming more personally and socially

competent and they show curiosity and understanding of the

world around them.   

     The physical development of preschool aged children

enables them to move confidently through space, manage

finer, more complex tasks and be more responsible to care

for personal needs. 

     As your child's teachers, we will enhance these skills by

providing a rich environment with a variety of experiences

within a wide range of skill levels.                                                             

     Our goal is to integrate play and learning so that each

child in our care  has a meaningful preschool experience

tailored to meet his/her learning style,  abilities and



Please browse through our menu options to learn more

about this unique educational experience.

We offer:

  • Extended Care 
  • Half-day  
  • Nutritious breakfasts/snacks/lunches 
  • Pathways to Fitness and Coordination (PFC) program
  • Spanish language lessons
  • Low Student:Teacher ratio


Phone: 408-267-PATH (7284)

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